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Riese & Müller was founded in 1993 by two engineers in Germany. Since then it has won the Innovation Prize and has grown to become an internationally renowned premium manufacturer of ebikes.


These ebikes are sleek and stylish, showing off the magnificent German engineering skill.


All the models come with a Bosch centre motor drive to guarantee a balanced ride. The motor responds to the rider through the torque, cadence and speed sensors, leading to maximum riding pleasure.


The Bosch lithium-ion batteries have no memory so can be charged in a partially discharged state and if properly cared for, the expected battery life is 800-1000 charge cycles.


Each ebike comes with four modes; eco, tour, sport & turbo. The controller can be upgraded to a Bosch Nyon-Display which is also a navigation device and fitness trainer all in one, as well as providing smartphone features.


All Riese & Müller frames come with a five-year warranty and a two year warranty on all other non consumable parts.


If you would like to book a test ride on any of the Riese & Müller range. Call us today on 01256 353465

Roadster                £2519

This elegant classic looking ebike is designed for fast-paced rides on the road. The 40mm, Schwalbe G-One tyres emphasise the minimalist design. The short stem and straight handlebars provide agile handling and pleasant control in town environments.

Charger                 £3689

With 27.5" wheels and Schwalbe fat tyres you are guaranteed a fast and comfy ride. The continuous NuVinci hub gears without gaps between shifts makes for faster smoother gear changes and the Gates belt drive mean it's low maintenance.



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