Say Hello to the January Sales! After waving Goodbye to the festive fun.

Shivering with cold whilst glancing outside the window at the dreary weather, feeling sluggish and overweight from lack of sleep and overindulgence, it is easy for us to slip into the January blues.

But what exactly should we be doing in that limbo time between Christmas and New Year?

Research shows “there is good evidence that being more active, physically and mentally, connecting with others and getting absorbed in interesting activities all help people to feel better.”So, finish off the leftover turkey, polish off the quality street and treat yourself to those yummy scrummy Turkish delights which have been twinkling away at you, but you have so far managed to resist because this year you are going to treat yourself and plan just one New Year’s resolution!

Buying an electric bike is a good investment. With many car journeys being under ten miles – you could easily swap these for your electric bike. So not only will you be keeping your New Year’s resolution this year – you will be cycling off those mince pies and helping keep air pollution and congestion down.

Electric bicycles offer the same benefits as regular cycling; the difference is due to the motor and the power setting you choose which means greater distances and longer rides. Great news for the heart, lungs and blood pressure, so browse through our electric bikes and grab yourself a real bargain in our January sales, which we have started early just for you. After all, with a shiny new electric bike about to land in your garage – you will soon be making excuses to go cycling, come rain, shine or snow.

At Espokes we have four ex-demo electric bikes in our January sales. These are ebikes which have gone out on short test rides or been taken to shows throughout the year. Some of them may have cosmetic imperfections and additional mileage. More information can be supplied upon request – and you are more than welcome to come and see for yourself. These are fantastic ebikes at bargain prices and all come with a one year warranty on the frame, battery and motor.

Here is our favourite ex-demo ebike bargain

Riese & Muller Charger electric bike

With 27.5” wheels and powered by the industry-leading Bosch performance centre drive motor, this ebike will reinforce your own muscle strength with speeds of up to 15.5mph. Guaranteeing you a fast and comfy ride.

Also up in the sale – we have a range of brand new electric bikes at discount prices. Stock on these items is limited, so you had better be quick.

Here is our favourite discoutned ebike

January sales - Ebco UCL 70 Electric bike

Ideal for that commute to work or a leisurely ride around town. The Shimano Steps mid motor system combined with the maintenance free Shimano Nexus 7 internal hub gear system give you a sophisticated riding experience.

Our favourite couples bargain

January Sales eMTB deal

The ideal bargain for couples who like to mountain bike together. These his and her Ex Demo electric mountain bikes are high-performance off-road hardtails with minimal mileage. Deal applies in-store only.

Take advantage of these fantastic deals right away by visiting our online shop.

Call 07771 927354 to book an appointment in either Wincanton or Basingstoke from now until Wednesday, January 2nd where we will resume normal opening hours 10 am – 4 pm in Basingstoke and you can visit our showroom and browse our range of electric bikes and accessories; we will be on hand to answer any ebike related questions and take you for your free test ride.

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