As we say goodbye to another year of festivities, the January Sales are now upon us.

But what exactly are we meant to do with ourselves in that limbo time between Christmas and New Year?

We could start planning all our New Year’s resolutions, or maybe watching yet another feel-good movie won’t be so bad. That nearly empty box of Quality Street will certainly help you get through it, and well someone has got to eat all the coconut ones that have been left.

Or you could browse through our electric bikes and grab yourself a real bargain in our January sales, which we have started early just for you.

So finish off the leftover turkey, polish off the quality street and treat yourself to those yummy scrummy Turkish delights which have been twinkling away at you, but you have so far managed to resist.

After all with a shiny new electric bike about to land in your garage – you will soon be making excuses to go cycling, come rain, shine or snow.

Buying an electric bike is a good investment. With many car journeys being under ten miles – you could easily swap these for your electric bike. So not only will you be keeping your New Year’s resolution this year – you will be cycling off those mince pies and helping keep air pollution and congestion down.

Just think of all those pennies you will save on fuel as well. You will certainly have saved enough money to really treat yourself and your loved ones next Christmas.

At Espokes we have five ex-demo electric bikes in our January sales. These are ebikes which have gone out on short test rides or been taken to shows throughout the year. Some of them may have cosmetic imperfections and additional mileage. More information can be supplied upon request – and you are more than welcome to come and see for yourself. These are fantastic ebikes at bargain prices and all come with a one year warranty on the frame, battery and motor.

Here are our top three ex-demo ebike bargains in our January Sales.

RooDog Bliss folder

Christmas gifts - RooDog Bliss electric bike three quatre view

RooDog Bliss folding ebike – Buy now

Was £899 now £879 Save £20

A  few minor scratches.

The Bliss folding ebike is so compact; it will easily fit under your staircase cupboard or squeeze into that small space in your shed. The Bliss maybe perfectly small, but certainly doesn’t lack power. The Shimano 7 speed Megarange gears combined with the five power assist modes and an extra low first gear, means even a hill start will be a breeze.


January sales ebike offer - EBCO UCL 90 only £1999

EBCO UCL 90 electric bike – Buy now

Was £2,499 now £1,999 Save £500

A factory ebike with stickers over the paint.  It is in good condition with additional mileage.

The Stylish UCL 90 electric bike brings a new design concept to low step frames.

It is powered by the industry-leading Bosch Active Centre drive motor system, this combined with powerful hydraulic disc brakes and Shimano Alfine 8 internal hub gear system makes it a sophisticated and stylized class-leading ride.

Riese & Muller Charger

Christmas Gifts- Riese & Muller Charger electric bike three quatre view

Was £3689 now £2999 save £690 – Buy now

A few minor scratches and additional mileage

With 27.5” wheels and powered by the industry-leading Bosch performance centre drive motor, this ebike will reinforce your own muscle strength with speeds of up to 15.5mph. Guaranteeing you a fast and comfy ride.

The continuous NuVinci hub gears without gaps between shifts make for faster smoother gear changes and the Gates belt drive mean its low maintenance too.


Also up in the sale – we have a range of brand new electric bikes at discount prices. Stock on these items is limited, so you had better be quick.

Here are our top three discounted ebikes in our January Sales


January sales - EBCO UCR 60 electric bike black roadster with TranzX Mid motor

EBCO UCR 60 roadster electric bike – Buy now

Was £1799 Now £1499 Save £300

The EBCO UCR 60 is a quality intuitive mid motor e-bike at a competitive, affordable price.

Powered by the reliable TranzX mid motor connecting directly to the chainring as well as a ride sensitive torque sensor which results in increased acceleration, efficiency and performance.


January sales - EBCO TL 60 electric bike mixte trekking

EBCO TL 60 electric bike – Buy now

Was £1999 Now £1599 Save £400

The TL 60 uses the reliable TranzX mid motor system, components and batteries resulting in a quality ebike at an affordable price.

It uses market-leading technology and componentry incorporating CanBus?Logix computer diagnostic capability giving you more efficient and accurate information upon servicing.


January sales - Ebco UCL 70 Electric bike

Was £2299 Now £1999 Save £300Buy now

Ideal for that commute to work or a leisurely ride around town. The Shimano Steps mid motor system combined with the maintenance free Shimano Nexus 7 internal hub gear system give you a sophisticated riding experience.


So what are you waiting for – take advantage of these fantastic deals right away – visit our ebike sale


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