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Ebike Cycle To Work Scheme And NO £1000 Limit

Savings of up to 42% from your purchase.

In many cities air quality is so bad it is illegal under EU law. Air pollution is the cause of over 50,000 premature deaths a year in the UK and as air quality declines, the risk of a stroke, heart diseases, lung cancer, chronic and acute respiratory diseases including asthma increase for the people in those areas. 


80% of pollution is from vehicles with levels peaking around rush hour. 


With most commutes under 10 miles, isn't it about time we started to look at alternative ways of getting to and from work. 


The ebike is the perfect solution.


Those of you who are put off riding to work, because you don't want to cycle in a suit and get all hot and bothered, needn't worry anymore. Using an ebike eliminates this problem. Even if you put in the same amount of effort as you would on your ordinary bike, you won't perspire on an ebike due to the higher road speed and greater air flow, causing the perspiration to evaporate. 


Ebikes have the benefit of a higher average speed than ordinary bicycles yet are still able to take advantage of cycle routes. With the congested roads cycling can often result in faster journey times than alternative modes of transport.


If you need to carry your briefcase or laptop bag, you can accesorise your ebike with stylish pannier's or baskets.


Commuting on an ebike will save you so much money. It costs between 5p and 10p a charge and you don't need to pay road tax, MOT, huge servicing costs or insurance. Although it is advisable to have insurance to protect your own bike.

The savings don't stop there either. If you purchase your ebike through the Green Commute Initiative not only can you save up to 42% you also don't need to find the cash to buy the ebike as there is a very clever finance plan in place.


The employer pays for the bike and any equipment you choose to go with it. The employee pays them back over a year deducted from their monthly gross salary.


Now for the clever bit. Because payments are deducted from the gross salary this will be reduced by the payment amount and so you will not be paying tax or national insurance on those monthly payments. You will save 42% if you are a higher rate tax payer and 32% if you pay lower rate tax. 

The employer will save employer's National Insurance and will probably be able to claim Annual Investment Allowance. If they can, they'll benefit by around 30% of the price of the bike. 


With savings to be made on your piggy bank and environment, call us today to book a test ride.


If you would like us to come into your work place and do a detailed presentation on how everything works and the benefits of the scheme, we are happy to do so. 


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