EZEGO Ebikes – how it all began

EZEGO Ebikes is the creation of industry veterans with 50 years of combined experience. They launched in 2019 with the sole purpose of making e-bikes more accessible to a wider audience. Starting as an idea scribbled on the back of a bar mat over a few beers and a sausage roll, they wanted to create their own electric bike range for commuter and social riders, that looked good as well as being functional.

In addition working relentlessly to craft the perfect ebike, from researching the existing market, sourcing high-quality components, testing colourways and optimising product specifications the EZEGO Ebike range was born.

Great Quality and Style

Above all EZEGO Ebikes are deeply passionate about their product. As a result, they bring us unparalleled quality and style at a great and affordable price range. They meticulously select every component, every measurement, even the finish on every nut and bolt. EZEGO put their e-bikes through the most grueling conditions. Rigorous testing, from the heat of the Far East to the steep hills of the Yorkshire Moors ensures these ebikes are reliable and the product is the best it can be.

Back up Service

Furthermore, contributing to their success is their back up service. All warranty parts are held in the UK and EZEGO are easily contactable to answer any technical or product enquiries. They sure make cycling EZE!

Browse the EZEGO Ebikes Range

At Espokes we strive to help reduce congestion on the roads, improve the health of the nation, and have a positive impact on the environment. Our motto: “save the planet, save money, beat the traffic, and get happy!”

Whether commuting to work, taking a leisurely ride into town or tackling the trails, EZEGO have you covered.

Indeed the EZEGO range is one of our fastest moving lines and we have just taken delivery from their latest shipment. Make sure you don’t miss out and get down to our Basingstoke showroom or call us on 01256 353465 to secure your EZEGO electric bike.

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