Ebikes for teens; New designs and the latest technology has caused ebike sales to have increased considerably over the last couple of years. This has resulted in them becoming more popular amongst younger cyclists who until now associated electric bikes with older people.

Due to modern technology and our more sedentary lives, there are now also growing levels of obesity among young people. Making this a good time for teenagers to join the e-bike boom. Electric bikes give them freedom cycling to school and visiting their friends; without relying on the taxi of Mum or Dad.

RooDog Striker eMTB
Darby aged 16 on her RooDog Striker eMTB. Picture by Espokes

To get the most reluctant teenager to exercise start by using the lure of smart watches, route planners and performance trackers as the incentive these digital natives need to get out on two wheels; especially ones powered by the latest technology to help them achieve that weekly cardio goal.

As the e-bike revolution gathers pace; manufacturers are now looking at making ebikes accessible to teenagers as the next obvious step.

The RooDog Striker

RooDog Striker full suspension eMTB

Look at one such bike, a great fun ebike and a real head turner in gorgeous glossy red.

A fun, versatile and cost-effective ebike to ride!

The Striker eMTB is a super comfy ride. It is both light and robust enough to handle the more rugged mountain terrain. It suits riders from 5’4ft – 6’3ft tall.

The 250watt motor assists up to 15.5mph (the maximum speed allowed by UK/EU regulation). It is powered by a 36-volt 11Ah lithium-ion battery. Giving a range of up to 30 miles per full charge; with an option of a bigger battery upgrade for even more miles.

Not only will they be able to keep pace with or cycle past their parents; but the combination of pedal assistance and long battery range means they will be able to ride further. Hills and trails will also feel that little bit flatter encouraging and inspiring more teens to take up cycling.

Fun and Family Days

Family ebike fun on the RooDog Striker and EBCO ZL 5
Aaron and Allison with their RooDog Striker and Pulse ZL-5 ebikes. Picture by Espokes

Cycling will become fun and be a boon for the whole family; spending time together; stopping at cafes for delicious hot chocolate and cake; cycling back through forests and off-road; where even muddy tracks and steep hills become most enjoyable adding to those great adventures.

We at Espokes say; “come on people, it’s not just silver cyclists enjoying the e-bike revolution, everyone from 14years upwards can join in!!”

Sienna Riese & Muller Cruiser Ebike
Sienna aged 14 on her Riese & Muller Cruiser. Picture by Espokes
Mike Smith RooDog Striker
Mike Smith aged 74 on his RooDog Striker eMTB. Picture by Espokes

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