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‘“Made in Germany”, is a conviction by which Kalkhoff lives.’ Kalkhoff Ebikes for daily use, engineered in Germany. Kalkhoff is developing reliable electric bikes for carefree everyday and leisure riding.

Quality German Engineering

Kalkhoff Since 1919

1919. 16-year-old Heinrich Kalkhoff started trading in bicycle parts from his home in Cloppenburg, Germany. A year later, he expanded into selling second-hand bicycles.

In 1923, he produced his own bicycle frames, and a new bike manufacturer was born.

In 1927, the first complete bicycle left the production plant.

Nine years later, Kalkhoff became an internationally operating company, employing around 40 people and producing around 250,000 bikes.

Over a 100 years later Kalkhoff combines traditional values and modern technology to bring unique designs to their bikes: Clean lines, state-of-the-art integration, pure and style-conscious colour schemes with a Nordic character.

The War

During the war years the Kalkhoff factories were forced to produce arms. After the end of the war, the company carried on by producing non-bike-related industrial goods.

In 1950 due to a demand for bicycles, production started once more with a daily output of 5,000 frames.

In 1970 a new factory and distribution warehouse were opened in Cloppenburg.

Two years later, the five-millionth bike left the Kalkhoff plants.

in 1972, Heinrich Kalkhoff died and the company passed to his three sons Berthold, Karl, and Heinz.

in 1988 Derby Cycle Werke was established and Kalkhoff became part of the international Derby Group.

Innovative Technology and Design

In 2007 the Kalkhoff Ebikes was launched marking the start of the most successful chapter in Kalkhoff’s recent history.

in 2011 the Impulse drive system was launched together with a successful stock market flotation. A year later, Derby Cycle was taken over by the Dutch Pon Group.

in 2015, Kalkhoff relaunched its brand, unveiling the Kalkhoff Integrale, the first commercially produced e-bike with a mid-motor and fully integrated battery. They are now one of the leading e-bike manufacturers in Europe.

Kalkhoff Innovation

Continuous Innovation of Kalkhoff Ebikes

Bikes for daily use, effortless, stress free and sustainable. Feel the wind in your hair without having to battle against it. Fly past the traffic with ease.

Offering a range of models, the Excite, Advance and Move with a selection of frames such as the Diamond (DI), solid, lightweight and sporty. The Trapez (TR) a sporty, highly stable frame, low in weight with a dynamic streak. The wave (WA) a compact aluminum frame for flexible use. The comfort (CO) making you feel even safer with its extra-wide step-through frame.

Kalkhoff frames
Comfort Frame
Kalkhoff Bikes 2021

See and experience these great bikes for yourselves!

Our test ride service is the ideal way; choose between coming to our Basingstoke Showroom; Wincanton outlet or we can even come to your home, workplace or location of your choice.

We are always happy to help with any questions you have and advise you on the best ebike for your lifestyle.

  • Kalkhoff Agattu 1.B Move Ebike
    Kalkhoff Agattu 1.B Move Electric Bike – Comfort
  • Kalkhoff Agattu 3.B Move Ebike
    Kalkhoff Agattu 3.B Move Electric Bike – Wave
  • Kalkhoff Image 5.B Excite Ebike
    Kalkhoff Image 5.B Excite Electric Bike – Trapezium
  • Kalkhoff Entice 7 B Advance ebike
    Ex-Demo Kalkhoff Entice 7.B Advance Electric Bike – Diamond
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