La Dolce Vita

As well as being famous for its pizza, pasta and ice cream we all know about Italian passion with fashion and design and this is where the elegant MBM E-Bikes come from.

Italy is where the passion for motorsports, racing and competition runs in the veins of the most luxurious and sought-after brands in the world. Along the ancient Emilia road, which goes from Piacenza to Rimini, there are test tracks, racetracks, museums and amazing privately-owned car collections.

Here tradition matters be it, cars or bikes, everything designed and built-in these regions is aimed to fulfil the dreams of enthusiasts from every continent making their hearts beat that little bit faster.

Pandemic Effect

We at Espokes pride ourselves in bringing you great ebikes at great prices.

The Pandemic has thrown complex supply chains into disarray which has also affected the supply of electric bikes making it difficult for our suppliers to keep up with demand. We have been sourcing and working with new suppliers so that we can still offer the best selection of ebikes in Basingstoke.

The Italian MBM E-Bikes Range

We are delighted to be able to now offer the MBM E-Bikes. Uniquely designed and 100% made in Italy.

We now have a selection of stylish ebikes such as the Primavera with an integrated battery and crank motor or the Apostrophe, beautifully styled in a choice of colours; perfect for that city ride to do some shopping, riding through the park to admire the spring flowers before returning home.

The Sinope stylish and elegant with its sporty 85Nm of torque you will conquer any hill and travel many a mile.

The Metis emtb hardtail with 80nm torque power you will not be left behind on those mountain trails and why not treat your teenager to the Chaos so you can all enjoy the days together.

MBM E-Bikes use the OLI eBike System

Inspired and led by the spirit of the legends of motorsport and a passion for the world of e-bikes, which combined with the expertise of engineers who are deeply knowledgeable about electric motors we would like to introduce you to the OLI eBike Systems.

Whether you want an ebike to take you through the city, over paths or mountain, there is a motor to suit.

The Oli Move One is the top choice for city bikes a mid-motor with a maximum torque of 50Nm and batteries from 360wh you are sure not to be left behind.

The Oli Move Plus with a maximum torque of 80Nm is sure to see you up those endless upward sloping hills with minimum effort.

The Oli Sport with a maximum torque of 85Nm, small and perfectly integrated into the frame will give you the best performance possible whether you’re on the road or on mountain tracks.

Make sure you don’t miss out, to make an appointment to view these fabulous ebikes, call us on 01256 353465. Secure your MBM electric bike now.

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