Shetland folding ebike in daffodils

The snowdrops and crocuses have risen to join the early daffodils. The days are getting longer and warmer. Now is the time to get the bike out and give it a little spin. Not too far to make our limbs hurt. Maybe into the village to the nice café with seating outside. Or around country lanes to appreciate the spring lambs and to get that fresh glow on our cheeks. Everything is right with the world and for that moment whilst on two wheels, we feel happy.

Wait! Don’t jump on that saddle, ‘what should a cyclist check before starting a spring ride?’

The bike has been in the shed for a few months so make sure it is in tip-top condition before heading out. You want to avoid having to do any roadside repairs or if you’ve got an electric bicycle any breakdowns or flat batteries.

Ideally, you or your bike shop should have given it a full service but at the very least give it a good clean, (We recommend Pedro’s Green Fizz) inspect the frame, lube the chain and make sure all your gears and brakes are working properly. Check your tyres for any nicks, cuts and road debris. Also, make sure they are pumped up to the correct pressures, these can be found on the side wall of most tyres. Check the batteries in lights if you have any and either replace or recharge as necessary. Hopefully, you have all been taking your ebike batteries indoors over the winter. They like to be kept at a consistent temperature of about 20 degrees. If you haven’t done so you should charge it and make sure it is working.

Don’t want to ride solo? Ride with a friend or two. It has been said that our best times on the bike often involve group rides. Want to make new friends and explore new avenues? Join a club, there are many local clubs that do social rides. Look at British cycling who put on many rides, both guided rides for everyone through to their Breeze networks which are for Women only. We have been running a series of Breeze cycle rides in Somerset throughout January and February for their Breeze Through Winter initiative. We have one more left this month which you can sign up to now;

You don’t have to be a hardened or proficient cyclist to join any of these as they look out for each other and make sure everyone is happy. Come on, restore your physical and mental wellbeing get that bike out!

Email or call 01256 353465 to book your bicycle into our workshop.

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