HSBC UK Breeze offers fun, free bike rides for women of all abilities across the UK. Together We Ride and together we are stronger.

Whether you want to keep fit; are young at heart, or don’t know how to change gears or pump up your tyres. Every woman is welcome on our HSBC UK Breeze rides.

You’ll discover new places; Make new friends and have a lot of fun. That’s the power of riding together.

British Cyling, Sport England and sky set up Breeze in 2011 funded by the National Lottery.

The initiative was started to encourage women to get fit and have fun on their bicycles, by going on women-led rides. Breeze Champions will organise everything, lead the group, and make sure everyone stays safe. It’s free and it’s fun. All you have to do is sign up.

At Espokes, we have lots of customers who haven’t cycled in ages, are nervous about going on the road, get off to walk around corners, are put off cycling with men who know it all and who wobble more than a plate full of jelly. It is our pleasure to take these customers out on a short ride to test an electric bike. After a few circuits outside our showroom, they are no longer getting off to walk around the corners, their scared faces have turned to beaming smiles and they are asking if they can go a little further. We wanted to develop this so Laura signed up and trained to become a Breeze Champion.

Sarah Austin of Alton collecting her EBCO UCL 60 step-through ebike
Kay on the wisper 70se and Amanda on the Roodog Striker ebikes
Partner of Espokes Laura Jones with her certificate fo completing the British Cycling ride leadership level oner
Ladies on the Breeze Through Winter Ride in Horsington, Somerset

As a Breeze champion, Laura is responsible for organising fun social bike rides for women to take part in. This is to help encourage women to become more active, improve their fitness as well as enabling them to meet new likeminded people; so, when she saw the Breeze Through Winter campaign, we thought it was an ideal opportunity to motivate some ladies to come out on their bicycles.

Cycling does make you happy and at Espokes we want other people to experience this too even on their ordinary bicycles. Which is why Laura went off to be trained as one of over 2,000 volunteer Breeze Champions who organise and lead ladies rides.

Breeze Through Winter participants in Wincanton Somerset
Ladies on the Breeze Through Winter Ride in Horsington, Somerset

This programme is the cornerstone of British Cycling’s ambition to get women fit and on their bikes by 2020.

Breeze Through Winter campaign

Last year Breeze recorded over 1,100 women taking part in the challenge, which started January 1st and runs to 28th February. As an added incentive, they are rewarding everyone who completes four HSBC UK Breeze rides before 28th February with a cycling goody bag. So whether you have made getting fit your new year’s resolution or you are already a seasoned Breeze rider. Sign up on some rides and let’s see if we can beat last year’s 1,100 and if the only thing putting you off is the thought of those hills – we are hiring electric bikes at a discounted rate to ladies booked on a Breeze ride of only £15 book yours now email or call 07771 927354

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