Quench your thirst on the go with our selection of water bottles and cages designed for cyclists at Espokes. We understand that staying hydrated is essential while enjoying the exhilaration of cycling, and that’s why we’ve curated a range of accessories that seamlessly integrate into your biking experience.

Carrying a water bottle shouldn’t be a hassle, especially when you’re immersed in the joy of cycling. Our alloy bottle cage is the perfect solution, providing a secure and accessible spot for your bottle directly on your bike frame. No need for cumbersome bags – just a sleek and efficient design that ensures your hydration is always within reach.

Crafted from durable silver alloy, our bottle cage not only offers a snug fit for your water bottle but also adds a touch of style to your bike. The convenience of easy access while riding makes it a must-have accessory for any cyclist. Plus, if you happen to drain your bottle mid-ride, our cage allows for a quick stop to refill and stay refreshed.

At Espokes, we prioritise your cycling experience. Browse our water bottles and cages collection to find the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. Elevate your ride, stay hydrated, and enjoy every moment on your bicycle with our bicycle accessories.

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  • Accessories 'D20' drinks bottle clear with silver top

    ‘D20’ Drinks Bottle 750ml

  • Accessories Alloy bottle cage

    Alloy bottle cage silver

  • Accessories XR XR1 Drink Bottle Black and Green

    R1 XR1 Drinks Bottle 600CC

  • Accessories XLC bottle cage black

    XLC Bottle Cage

  • Accessories XLC Drinks Bottle Red

    XLC Drinks Bottle

  • Accessories Raleigh Bottle Cage

    Raleigh Bottle Cage

  • Accessories Supacaz Purist drinks Bottle Starfade Neon Green + Blue

    Supacaz Purist Drinks Bottle

  • Outeredge bladder

    Outeredge Bladder TPU/EVA – Hydration system


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