Bike panniers come in a range of choices. They can be fitted singly or in pairs.

There are many options available in various designs. From the traditional to the high-tech and water-repellent. For shopping, commuting or touring, large rear panniers are most suitable for the rear rack of the bike. If they need to be taken off for carrying personal or work related belongings to the office, there are ranges that enable this as they are very similar and indeed resemble a large handbag, or briefcase.

Front, single bags can be fitted onto the handlebars. They are securely attached by a locking mechanism enabling them to be taken off easily making them ideal for shorter trips.

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  • Basil KF Adapter Plate

    Basil KF Adapter Plate

  • Finn Universal Phone Holder

    Finn Universal Phone Holder

  • Oxford T1.4 Wedge Bag

    Oxford T1.4 Wedge Bag

  • Basil MIK Adapter Plate Black

    Basil MIK Adapter Plate

  • Basil MIK Carrier Plate Black

    Basil MIK Carrier Plate

  • Pannier Bag

    Pannier bag double – black

  • Cross Bar Converter

    Cross Bar Converter

  • Oxford Stormex Ebike Cover

    Oxford Stormex Single Ebike Cover

  • Oxford Rack Top Bag

    Oxford Rack Top Bag 18L

  • Oxford C20 Double Pannier bag

  • M-Wave Adjustable Alloy Rear Carrier

    M-Wave Adjustable Alloy Rear Carrier

  • Alloy QR Seatpost Carrier

    Alloy QR Seatpost Carrier


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