Crank Driven

Crank drive/Mid motors

Crank driven electric bikes have the motor located in or near the bottom bracket. This keeps the weight low on the ebike giving good balance and offering efficient performance and a smooth ride.

Bosch, are the leading manufactures of Mid Motors, closely followed by Shimano and Yamaha.

Mid Motors work synergistically with the bike’s gears giving better performance on hills.

All components of the Bosch ebike systems match perfectly and are synchronised. The gearing layout ensures optimal integration of the Drive Unit design and increased ground clearance; all this gives the highest degree of efficiency and together with reduced weight leads to a smooth and comfortable riding experience.

For 30 years TranzX has been inspiring the cycling world with intelligent solutions and holds more than 700 patents. Innovation is its success as a manufacturer of high-quality bicycle components. Theirs is the M25 mid-motor capable of generating a surge of power comparable in strength to much larger e-bike motors.

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