Crossbar frames

Crossbar frames

Crossbar frames are made up of two triangles; the main triangle paired with a rear triangle and is known as a diamond frame. The wheels and other components are then fitted onto this frame.

Crossbars add strength to the frame of the bike and are parallel to the ground. This was important in the manufacture of early bikes as they were made of weaker materials than the modern-day frames today.

On women’s bikes with a crossbar, such as mountain bikes the crossbar is shorter than on the men’s. Women usually have short torsos and long legs whereas men’s torsos are longer. For a man and woman of the same height, the woman’s bike will be shorter in length, but the seat will be higher up.

On some bikes the crossbar is slanted down towards the seat, this is known as a Mixte. With its road bike geometry, combined with a lower step-over height it is lighter, faster, and easier to mount than a diamond frame bike.

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