Electric Bikes

Electric bikes give the same benefits as regular cycling but because of the motor, they allow further travel covering greater distances and longer rides.

According to a recent report by the Transport Research Laboratory, regular bikes are ridden fewer than 25 times a year, with 46% being used just once or twice a week. In comparison, 30% of people with electric bikes use them once a day, 81% ride them at least once a week; showing that e-bike users are twice as likely as regular riders to get out and ride.

This is good news for those who love the idea of riding a bike but feel unable due to fitness, age, or illness. Riding an e-bike is good for the lungs and blood pressure as it is controlled exercise and scientific studies have proven the link between regular exercise and reduced stress levels.

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  • Sale! Cyclotricity Elysium Electric Bike

    Cyclotricity Elysium Electric Bike – Step Through

  • EZEGO Fold Ebike

    EZEGO Fold Electric Bike – Folding Ebike

  • EZEGO Commute EX Gents Ebike

    EZEGO Commute EX Electric Bike – Cross Bar Ebike

  • EZEGO Commute EX Mixte

    EZEGO Commute EX Electric Bike – Mixte Ebike

  • RooDog Chic Grande Low Step Ebike

    RooDog Chic Grande Electric Bike

  • EZEGO Fold LS

    EZEGO Fold LS Ebike – Folding Electric Bike

  • RooDog Bliss Electric bike folder

    RooDog Bliss Electric Bike – Compact folding ebike

  • Axcess Electric Bike Shetland Folding blue

    Axcess Electric Bike Shetland Folding

  • RooDog Polka Dot Mint Green Ebike

    RooDog Polka Dot Ebike

  • RooDog Chic ebike in blue

    RooDog Chic Electric Bike

  • RooDog Mayfair electric bike

    RooDog Mayfair Electric Bike

  • RooDog Tourer Ebike

    RooDog Tourer Electric Bike


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