Axcess electric bikes

Axcess Electric bikes

We have chosen to stock Axcess electric bikes because they are a small company who has done extensive research and design into battery technology. 

They build sturdy, reliable electric bikes; work closely with their manufacturers maintaining a close business relationship in order to control specifications and continuity of supply.

They come in step-through styles as in the, 18″ frame Hunter with its swept-back handlebars; gears and controls at your fingertips and 26” wheels giving a comfortable, relaxed ride with a choice of a 10Ah or 16Ah battery.

The 19″ cross-bar frame Mustang is fitted with sports handlebars and when equipped with mountain bike specifications has a rugged appearance. Choose between the 10Ah and 16Ah batteries

All their bikes have a warranty on the frame, motor, and battery of 2 Years. Other components (Not Consumables) 1year.

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  • Axcess Electric Bike Shetland Folding blue

    Axcess Electric Bike Shetland Folding

  • Axcess Electric Bike Hunter 2 red

    Axcess Electric Bike Hunter2 step through

  • Axcess Electric Bike Camargue 2 Ebike

    Axcess Electric Bike Camargue 2 Step-through

  • Axcess Electric Bikes Eriskay2

    Axcess Electric Bike Eriskay2 Crossbar


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