Corratec electric bikes

Corratec is one of Germany’s leading bike manufacturers who for the last 26 years have been producing a comprehensive range of Urban and Trekking electric bikes in their Bavarian factory at the foot of the Alps.

These ebikes are sleek and stylish, showing off magnificent German engineering skill, producing ebikes that perform without limitations, where no trail is too steep and no trip too long.  With two full suspension e-MTB models, featuring their award-winning inside link technology, taking mountain bikes to the next level, making inclines and vertical ascents uphill exhilarating.

Incorporating a Fusion Down Tube that stiffens the low-step frame; giving ease in mounting/ dismounting; and a more comfortable ride makes the city/leisure ebike the must-have for both city and countryside leisure rides. With its 26” wheels, Bosch active motor, 400wh battery, and Magura HS11 hydraulic rim brakes you will enjoy the ultimate smooth controllable e-bike experience.

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  • Corratec BK26310 Electric Bike

    Corratec BK26310 Electric Bike – Powered by Bosch

  • Corratec BK26324 Electric Bike

    Corratec BK26324 Electric Bike – Powered by Bosch

  • Corratec BK26440 MTC Ebike

    Corratec BK26440 MTC – Powered by Bosch

  • Corratec BK26320 Electric Bike

    Corratec BK26320 Electric Bike – Powered by Bosch

  • Corratec BK26332 Electric Bike

    Corratec BK26332 Electric Bike – Powered by Bosch


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