Ex Demo

Ex-Demo Ebikes at great discount prices.

At Espokes we aim to maintain our demo bikes in excellent condition. Save money and get yourself a great e-bike at an even better price. We have ex-demo road bikes, folding bikes, and mountain bikes, all in great condition from top brands. All our ex-demo electric bikes will have a description of their condition and will be sent out with a pre-delivery inspection and come with a warranty. The bikes will be clearly labeled ex-demo in the title. Once they are gone they are gone, these extra special discounted prices are not to be missed.

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  • Sale! MBM Sinope Electric Bike

    Ex Demo MBM Sinope Electric Bike – Step Through

  • Sale! Kalkhoff Entice 7 B Advance ebike

    Ex-Demo Kalkhoff Entice 7.B Advance Electric Bike – Diamond


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