Folding Electric bikes

Folding electric bikes are designed with city living in mind and are therefore compact, with smaller wheels than a full-size bicycle. It takes a few seconds to fold them, making them easy to store in flats or homes where there’s not much space.

Due to their size and with an electric motor they can be combined with other modes of transport such as trains and buses enabling commutes to work and visits to friends in other locations. They are ideal for getting around the town center, nipping out to the shops, or going to the library or post office making them a great way of fitting more cycling into daily routines.

When folded they easily fit into the boot of most cars. This means they can be taken on holidays and used to explore new places or popping down to the beaches making them ideal for both city dwellers and tourists alike.

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  • EZEGO Fold Ebike

    EZEGO Fold Electric Bike – Folding Ebike

  • EZEGO Fold LS

    EZEGO Fold LS Ebike – Folding Electric Bike

  • Axcess Electric Bike Shetland Folding blue

    Axcess Electric Bike Shetland Folding

  • RooDog Bliss Electric bike folder

    RooDog Bliss Electric Bike – Compact folding ebike

  • RooDog Cosmo Electric Bike Blue

    RooDog Cosmo Electric Bike – Folding ebike

  • Raleigh Stow-e-way Electric Bike folding

    Raleigh Stow-E-Way Electric Bike – Folding Ebike

  • MBM Funk E-Bike

    MBM Funk E-Bike


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