Electric Mountain Bikes

Electric Mountain bikes

Electric mountain bikes (or eMTB) open up a world of new possibilities for off-road riders.

Mountain biking is the sport of riding off-road, over rough terrain, requiring endurance, core strength and balance, bike handling skills, and self-reliance. Mountain bikers ride on off-road usually single tracks, through woods, back-country roads, and uneven terrain.

In 1891 The Swiss military had its first bike regiment. One of the first examples of mountain biking was in August 1896 by the Buffalo Soldiers from Montana, who modified bicycles to use on an off-road expedition.

Today with assistance from a motor it’s possible to pack twice as much riding into the same amount of time. It’s easy to double the distance covered, or do the same ride in half the time.

Bosch, Brose, and Yamaha are vying for pole position in the e-MTB category. Bosch Performance CX motor gives the best control needed to attack the most technically challenging climbs.

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  • EZEGO Trail Destroyer

    EZEGO Trail Destroyer- Electric Bike

  • EZEGO Trail Destroyer II eMTB

    EZEGO Trail Destroyer II – Electric Bike

  • RooDog Avatar electric bike -eMTB

    RooDog Avatar Electric Bike – eMTB

  • RooDog Avatar Step-through eMTB

    RooDog Avatar Electric Bike Step Through- eMTB

  • MBM Chaos eMTB

    MBM Chaos eMTB – Powered by OLI

  • Sale! Ideal Hillmaster eMTB

    Ideal Hillmaster Ebike – eMTB

  • MBM Metis eMTB

    MBM Metis eMTB – Powered by OLI

  • Sale! MBM Kairos Electric Bike eMTB

    Ex Demo MBM Kairos Electric Bike – Crossbar

  • MBM Kairos Electric Bike eMTB

    MBM Kairos Electric Bike – Crossbar

  • Corratec BK26440 MTC Ebike

    Corratec BK26440 MTC – Powered by Bosch

  • MBM Hyperion EMTB

    MBM Hyperion EMTB – Crossbar

  • Sale! Kalkhoff Entice 7 B Advance ebike

    Ex-Demo Kalkhoff Entice 7.B Advance Electric Bike – Diamond


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