Road/Commuter bicycles are suitable for town and cities. These are a cross between a road bike and a mountain bike making them versatile and perfect for everyday use. They are generally built for comfort with larger saddles and have elevated handlebars to provide an upright sitting position. They are heavier and have fewer gears than conventional road bikes making them perfect as an electric bike as commutes become easy and pleasant. They also come in step through frames with chain guards and mudguards to protect against oil and dirt. They might also have puncture proof hybrid tyres suitable for going on cycle tracks and the odd trail. They can be fitted with a rear or front rack, to enable panniers or baskets to be added for the transport of items.

Road bikes are built for speed and are best suited to the tarmac and paved roads. They normally have thinner tyres, are lighter and have more gears making them, agile, fast and efficient.

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  • Sale! Cyclotricity Elysium Electric Bike

    Cyclotricity Elysium Electric Bike – Step Through

  • EZEGO Fold Ebike

    EZEGO Fold Electric Bike – Folding Ebike

  • EZEGO Commute EX Gents Ebike

    EZEGO Commute EX Electric Bike – Cross Bar Ebike

  • EZEGO Commute EX Mixte

    EZEGO Commute EX Electric Bike – Mixte Ebike

  • EZEGO Fold LS

    EZEGO Fold LS Ebike – Folding Electric Bike

  • Axcess Electric Bike Shetland Folding blue

    Axcess Electric Bike Shetland Folding

  • RooDog Bliss Electric bike folder

    RooDog Bliss Electric Bike – Compact folding ebike

  • EZEGO Step NX Ebike 700C

    EZEGO Step NX Electric Bike – Low Step Ebike

  • Axcess Electric Bike Hunter 2 red

    Axcess Electric Bike Hunter2 step through

  • Axcess Electric Bike Camargue 2 Ebike

    Axcess Electric Bike Camargue 2 Step-through

  • Axcess Electric Bikes Eriskay2

    Axcess Electric Bike Eriskay2 Crossbar

  • RooDog Polka Dot Mint Green Ebike

    RooDog Polka Dot Ebike


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