Step through frames

Step through frames

Step through frames are an open frame or lowpstep bicycle frame without the top tube known as a crossbar.

Traditionally, bicycles with a step-through frame were known as ladies, women’s or girls bike. This is due to the fact that women wore skirts and dresses and this made for easier mounting and dismounting of the bike. As a result of changing clothing styles since the late 20th century, descriptions that describe the frame style, rather than the presumed sex of the rider, are becoming increasingly common.

The step through as it is now known is also used for utility bicycles making it quicker to get on and off the bike on a journey with many stops.

It is safer for elderly and people with restricted agility that still want the fun and independence of riding a bicycle.

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    Axcess Electric Bike Camargue 2 Step-through

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    RooDog Chic Electric Bike

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    RooDog Mayfair Electric Bike

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    RooDog Chic Grande Electric Bike


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