KMC e9 9 Speed Chain


KMC e9 9 Speed Chain ebike specific

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KMC e9 9 Speed Chain Silver

KMC e9 9 Speed Chain ebike specific for maximum durability.

Experience unparalleled durability and smooth shifting with the KMC e9 9 Speed Chain in Silver – your ultimate solution for ebike enthusiasts seeking top-notch performance. Crafted to excel in the rigours of electric bike riding, the e9 chain ensures maximum longevity, making it a must-have for those who demand reliability.

Designed specifically for compatibility with Bosch mid-motor ebike systems, as well as both traditional bikes and ebikes, the KMC e9 is a versatile powerhouse. Its adaptability ensures a seamless fit across various bike types, providing exceptional value for both leisure and serious riders.

Incorporating innovation even in its packaging, this chain arrives in fully recyclable plastic packaging featuring a dedicated compartment for the missing link. This thoughtful design touch ensures easy access and convenience during installation or maintenance, reflecting KMC’s commitment to user-friendly solutions.

The KMC e9 chain boasts an impressive array of features:

Size: This 9-speed chain comes in a 1/2″ x 11/128″ configuration, guaranteeing precise engagement and consistent performance.

Pin Length: With a pin length of 6.6 mm, the chain delivers optimal strength and resilience.

Link Count: The chain comprises 136 links, catering to different bike sizes and geometries.

Colour: Its sleek silver colour adds a touch of elegance to your bike while also signalling its high-quality construction.

Weight: Weighing in at just 344 grams, the e9 chain is impressively lightweight, enhancing your bike’s overall agility.

Ebikes’ Best Friend: Designed explicitly for ebikes, this chain’s triple X-Durability and hi-performance features ensure it can handle the unique demands of electric bike systems.

Nickel-Plated: The nickel-plated surface not only enhances its aesthetics but also contributes to its corrosion resistance, ensuring longevity even in challenging weather conditions.

Non-directional: The non-directional design simplifies installation, saving you time and effort.

With the KMC e9 9 Speed Chain in Silver, you’re investing in more than just a chain – you’re securing a smoother, more reliable ride, whether you’re cruising the city streets or embarking on exhilarating off-road adventures. Upgrade your ebike experience with the pinnacle of durability and performance.


  • 1/2″ X 11/128″.
  • Pin Length: 6.6 mm
  • 136 Links.
  • Colour: Silver
  • Weight; 344 grams
  • ebike specific
  • 9 speed
  • Triple X-Durability
  • Hi-Performance
  • Nickel Plated
  • Non-directional

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Before purchasing, make sure it is compatible with your bicycle. If you are unsure please consult your bike manufacturer’s specifications and compatibility guidelines.

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