SHIMANO Disc Brake Rotor


SHIMANO Disc Brake Rotor 160mm OR 180mm

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SHIMANO Disc Brake Rotor

SHIMANO Disc Brake Rotor SLX Deore 6 bolt

Introducing the SLX Deore 160mm & 180mm – Your Ticket to Unparalleled Braking Performance

When it comes to biking, safety and control are paramount, and nothing ensures that like a high-quality disc brake rotor. Enter the SLX Deore 160mm & 180mm – a game-changer in the world of cycling, engineered to deliver reliability, compatibility, and outstanding performance every time you hit the road or trail.

Reliability is at the heart of Shimano’s design philosophy, and the Disc Brake Rotor SLX Deore proudly upholds this tradition. One standout feature is the anti-loosen plate, meticulously crafted to keep your rotor securely fastened, even during the most demanding rides. Say goodbye to the unsettling feeling of a loose rotor – Shimano ensures your safety and peace of mind.

With compatibility in mind, Shimano has engineered this rotor to accommodate metal brake pads with ease. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist seeking maximum stopping power or a casual rider enjoying leisurely cruises, the Shimano Disc Brake Rotor SLX Deore will effortlessly work with metal brake pads, providing consistent and dependable braking performance.

SHIMANO’s SM-RT66 6-bolt disc brake rotors deliver consistent stopping power in all riding conditions.

The disc brake rotor’s reliable anti-loosen plate construction makes for quick and secure installation.

As a leader in the cycling industry, Shimano consistently delivers top-quality products, and the Disc Brake Rotor SLX Deore is no exception. Whether you’re tackling steep descents, winding trails, or urban streets, this rotor ensures your safety and control in all conditions.

In conclusion, the Shimano Disc Brake Rotor SLX Deore is a reliable and versatile addition to your bike, compatible with metal brake pads . Elevate your braking performance and enjoy the ride with confidence, knowing that Shimano’s engineering excellence is at your service. Upgrade your bike today and experience the difference that Shimano quality can make.

Order yours now and take your cycling experience to the next level with the Shimano Disc Brake Rotor SLX Deore. Your bike deserves the best, and so do you.

  • Reliable and easy anti-loosen plate
  • Metal pad compatible
  • 160mm or 180mm

If you are unsure of the correct way to fit and maintain any parts on your bicycle please book it into our workshop where a qualified bicycle mechanic will do it for you. We cannot accept responsibility for any failures due to incorrect fitting or maintenance.

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6-bolt – 160 mm, 6-bolt – 180 mm


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