WeeRide Front Baby Bike Seat – Deluxe


Front Deluxe Baby Bike Seat for children aged 1 to 4


WeeRide Front Baby Bike Seat

The WeeRide Front Baby Bike Seat is the best front mounted baby bike seat for the child. It is made in Europe to the highest safety standards.

It is the top of our range due to the plush cushions used for your child’s comfort.

The centre mounted seat puts all the weight centrally and your child is safely wrapped in your arms. This means you can use a WeeRide baby seat earlier than any other child seat on your bike.


  • Patented centre mount baby cycle seat
  • Headrest for baby to sleep, which they do at an early age.
  • The seat can be fitted easily within 20 minutes or can be removed in seconds for solo riding.
  • Fits all bikes including oversized head tubes and full suspension of 16”+ (except drop handle bars). Comes with its own bar so fits to Ladies and Men’s bikes
  • 5 point safety strap and enclosed movable footrests for child safety.
  • No dangling legs as moveable footrests on child bike carrier.
  • You feel the child is more secure with your arms around them in their child bicycle seat.
  • Allows the rider to communicate with their child. Child’s needs can be dealt with.
  • Interesting view for the child, not just your back!
  • Recommended for ages 1 – 4 years, though can be used as soon as neck muscles are strong enough i.e. 6-9 months
  • In the box – baby bike seat, mounting bar, tools, extended bolts for oversized tubes i.e. everything you need.


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