WeeRide Kazam Link Tagalong


Tagalong for children aged 4 to 9


WeeRide Kazam Link Tagalong

The WeeRide Kazam Link Tagalong is the newest tag-alongs from WeeRide. It has a new frame shape along more clearance for larger wheeled bikes or panniers.

Tagalongs are the best child bike seat for children aged 4 to 9 who have outgrown their baby bike seat, but can’t manage those longer bike rides, or maybe haven’t mastered riding just yet. The WeeRide tagalongs have all the safety and convenience features of the top brands but at a lower price. The most important part of a tagalong is the pivot, and WeeRide has the best system, with the Sync Link Pivot.


  • The new patented Sync Link Pivot design ensures smooth movement and rides for the child.
  • The new arm folds easily for compact storage/movement
  • True quick release system for fast detachment of your bike trailer from the adult bike
  • Adjustable handlebars, up/down, and rotation adjustments for maximum age range.
  • Uniquely fits oversized seat posts, up to 40mm, and 700c wheels.
  • Safety Flag included
  • 20″ wheel size.
  • Holds up to a 35kg rider.
  • Recommended for ages 4 – 9, the rider must have an inside leg of at least 52cm to pedal at lowest but can coast on pedals at 40cm.
  • The child can pedal forward, backward, or coast on the trail bike.
  • Higher quality child bike seat than most others
  • Beautiful paint finishes

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