Weldtite Puncture Repair Kit With Tools


Weldtite Puncture Repair Kit With Tools

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Weldtite Puncture Repair Kit With Tools

The Weldtite Puncture Repair Kit with Tools is an essential item for every cyclist, providing all the necessary tools to effectively repair a punctured tyre. This comprehensive kit comes in a convenient and compact box, making it easy to carry and store while on the go.

The kit includes circular patches that are designed to adhere securely to the damaged area of the inner tube, effectively sealing the puncture and preventing further air leakage. Along with the patches, a 5g tube of rubber solution is provided, ensuring a strong and durable bond between the patch and the inner tube.

To prepare the surface for patch application, the kit includes glass paper, which helps to roughen the area around the puncture for optimal adhesion. Additionally, a yellow crayon and chalk are included to mark the punctured spot, aiding in the repair process.

For added convenience, the Weldtite Puncture Repair Kit also contains a wheel and brake spanner, allowing cyclists to easily remove the wheel from the bike for quick and efficient tyre repair. Nylon tyre levers are included as well, making it easier to remove the tyre from the rim without causing damage.

To assist users in the puncture repair process, the kit provides an instruction leaflet that offers clear and step-by-step guidance. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or a beginner, these instructions ensure that you can confidently repair a puncture, even in emergency situations.

Overall, the Weldtite Puncture Repair Kit with Tools is a reliable and comprehensive solution for handling punctures while cycling. Its compact design and inclusion of all necessary tools make it a must-have for any cyclist who wants to be prepared for unexpected tire damage. With this kit, you can quickly and efficiently repair punctures, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted ride.


  • Circular patches
  • 5g Rubber solution
  • Glass paper
  • Yellow crayon
  • Chalk
  • Wheel & Brake spanner
  • Nylon tyre levers
  • Instruction leaflet

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