01256 353465
01256 353465

Ebike servicing, maintenance & repairs workshop

Please call 01256 353465 or email howard.jones@espokes.co.uk to book your bike into the workshop

Modern electric bikes tend to be fairly simple, besides the motor and electronics, everything else is standard bike kit.

Our workshop has everything we need to put your ebike together on arrival, pass it through a pre delivery inspection prior to you having the bike then keep it up and running throughout its life.

We are the only Bosch eBike accredited dealer in Basingstoke and Howard is Cytech technical e-bike qualified. Having all had training from Bosch, TranzX and Shimano Steps on their systems we are kept up to date with all the latest technologies.

The workshop is fully equipped with up-to-date diagnostic equipment. This helps us pinpoint faults quickly and accurately and enables us to do software updates

Our Services

It is mandatory all bikes are booked in advance so we can schedule our workload.


Please clean your ebike before bringing it  into us. We will charge a valet fee if we have to clean it.


We offer a FREE six week service on all ebikes purchased from us.


All bikes will be test ridden before they leave the workshop

Brake service      £15

  • Brakes checked and adjusted +£10 per disc brake
  • Hydraulic brake service - Replace fluid & bleed system +£40

Gear Service        £15

  • Gears checked and adjusted
  • Drivetrain checked and adjusted

Safety Check       £25

  • General safety check
  • Tyre pressures checked and inflated
  • Gear & brakes checked and adjusted
  • Frame & forks inspected
  • Bolt torques checked

Bosch software update                  £30

  • Bosch software update
  • Diagnostic check

Interim service    £45

  • Thorough inspection of bike
  • Headset and bottom bracket checked for wear and free movement
  • Gears adjusted
  • Brakes adjusted
  • Hubs checked and adjusted
  • Wheels checked for trueness
  • Tyres checked and inflated

Full service          £75

All of the interim service +

  • Bike cleaned
  • Drivetrain removed, cleaned, inspected, de-greased and re-fitted
  • Pedals removed, threads cleaned and greased
  • Check parts for wear
  • Check for frayed or rusting cables


Bosch full service £90

  • Software update
  • Diagnostic check
  • Safety check
  • Check & adjust brakes
  • Check & adjust gears
  • Lock mechanism checked
  • Check parts for wear
  • Check for frayed or rusting cables
  • Tighten nuts/bolts

Any additional work carried out charged at £10 per quarter hour


All prices include VAT


All prices exclusive of parts


Prices quoted are a guidline only, additional labour may be required depending on age, condition and type of bike


Any bike not collected within three days of completion will inccur storage charges of £4 per day. Any bike not collected after 30 days will be sold to recover our costs


We reserve the right to not work on any bike we deem beyond economical repair, or if we can't source parts


We are located at:

Unit 12

Hassocks Wood

Stroudley Road



RG24 8UQ

01256 353465




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