We love espokes. We’ve bought one bike and had another serviced. It’s a really friendly place and they are comfortable talking to people who know nothing about cycling. The bike we bought is lovely, too. Highly recommended

Noel and Claire

Whitchurch, 17th November 2021

I’ve been using Espokes for about the last four years after meeting them at a show in Somerset. Based on their advice, I originally bought 4 electric bikes for a sustainable transport project in Bournemouth. Unfortunately, one of the bikes was stolen and we had to buy a replacement, so that made five bikes. Espokes collect the bikes from us each year, services them and returns them to us as part of their service. They’re all still going strong.

I recently decided to upgrade my own ebike as my previous model was over 5 years old and had covered over 4,000 miles, although not purchased from them they serviced that for me each year too. I spoke to Laura and the team about my requirements and settled on a Kalkhoff Image 5B with hub gears. It was a bit more than I had wanted to spend but I’m glad I took their advice. It’s a great bike. I’ve had it for a few months now and I’ve already covered around 500 miles on it and everything works really well. Great bike, great service, and excellent advice, what more could you want. It’s 5 stars from me.


Ferndown, 25th October 2021

I had been looking for an electric bike for some time, gathering information and recommendations, and decided to visit Espokes to see their selection. At a time when it was difficult for retailers to obtain stock Espokes had a number of options for me to look at. I liked the look of the Gepida Alboin Curve and it boasted the Bosch mid-drive motor that had been recommended to me by a knowledgeable friend. I was invited to try it out, which I did, riding up and down the cul-de-sac in which the Espokes establishment is situated. I was sold – and bought the bike before it was snapped up by another customer.

Richard Faulkner

Bruton, 23rd September 2021

This is the second Gepida bike I have bought from espokes, I was a little hesitant to buy a bike with hub gears but after 300 miles I could not be more pleased, especially with the range, I am 10st and using a mix of Eco and Sport I found it showing a range of up to 100 miles, could not be more pleased with the Bike and the staff at espokes.

Peter Patton

Andover, 18th July 2021

I’ve had this bike for about six weeks now and absolutely love it. I am a 72-year-old lady and would recommend it to anyone who struggles a bit with a pushbike. I am only a casual cyclist, but I’m sure it would be a workhorse for commuting.
A teething problem with the battery was dealt with quickly and efficiently by Espokes (recommended) – a replacement battery – and soon back on the road. Heavier than a normal bike took a bit of getting used to, along with the very efficient brakes, but it handles well, the gears are smooth and the power is just right for getting up hills. The build is reassuringly sturdy and solid. I am thoroughly enjoying it.
Two small niggles – probably just me – I found the configuration of the down-change lever a bit odd at first and the brakes can be a bit noisy at times. Also the lack of any kind of suspension in the seat, but is something that you’d probably get with a more expensive bike.

Barbara Large

Basingstoke, 16th July 2021

Comfortable bike easy to ride 
Ian Curling


I can really recommend my new Corratec LifeS Electric Bike. It’s comfortable and easy to ride, great fun and a brilliant sunshine colour. I would think it would be great for all ages and attracts great interest from fellow cyclists.
I received excellent, friendly service from Espokes.co.uk in Basingstoke
Bridget West


We tried about four different bikes in our price range and found the Aurora bolt to be the most comfortable and responsive of the bikes, so bought one each. They were kindly delivered to our home by Espokes. We have found riding up the inclines along the lanes near us to be so easy on these ebikes. I particularly like the double-pronged bike stand which makes it very stable when stood up. The 10Ah battery seems to last further than its stated range. As the weather has been so wet since getting the bikes we are looking forward to the dryer months when we can get out more. Definitely a worthwhile buy for us.
Barrie and Chrissy


I had been looking to purchase an E Bike for some time but was disappointed with the shops I visited and their response to my request to try before I bought, that is until I visited espokes, Brilliant attitude, allowed me to try a short distance on new bikes in stock, I was most impressed with the Gepida Alboin Curve, I bought it the following day, I have now ridden 500 miles and am very impressed, It has been in for its 6-week service and check and once again very pleased with the service from all at espokes.
Peter Patton

Andover, 9th December 2020

Very happy with the helpful and friendly service and advice provided.
Judy Howe


For the use I have had from the bike, I am extremely happy with its quality and performance, especially in turbo mode! It’s also a very attractive bike to look at. A number of people have commented on it and I have been singing it praises.
You’re a great team and I am very happy with my purchase.
Thank you.
Dave Irvine


Very happy with service and the way a customer is treated  thankyou 
Lee Humphreys


Extremely delighted with my bike. I thought I was happy enough with the Wisper 705 until I rode the Corratec BK23263. I was amazed at how much lighter it is compared to my previous e-bike and better balanced too. By having both the battery and the motor arrangement in the centre aids safer riding. Equally delighted by the duration of the charged battery.
Gary Boxall


Excellent bike and excellent service from Laura and the team at Espokes. Everyone very knowledgeable about the bike and accessories available. The bike was built and the additional items I requested were fitted and the bike ready for collection on the agreed date and time – within a week of my visit to their shop.
The first free service after 6 weeks also carried out efficiently by the staff.
Early signs of arthritis in the knee lead me to purchase an e-bike, cycling is once more a pleasure.
Can recommend both the RooDog Striker and the team at Espokes in Basingstoke, excellent in all respects.
Trevor Carter

North Warnborough

From the moment I arrived to test ride an ebike (a Westhill Ranger), I was welcomed warmly and helped through the process until eventually finding the perfect bike for me. As the handlebars were still a bit of a stretch for my 5’3” frame, having agreed to buy the Westhill Venture, the post was changed to create a more comfortable riding position. Having taken the bike away, during the first few rides I found changing gears an issue so took the bike back and free of charge, the gear positions were altered.
I know that Espokes will look after my future requirements and services of my new bike.
Jenny Sloan


Thank you so much for repairing the puncture on my electric bike so promptly, fitting it in between your busy servicing. I am also grateful for the advice on bike accessories and am pleased with my new pannier and horn/light.
I would not hesitate to recommend espokes , your social distancing, and other preventative measures at this time of COVID are excellent, as a 77-year old I really appreciate the sensible measures.

Russell Jones

Sherborne St John

Brilliant bike, I’m really happy with it. It seems really well made & I thoroughly enjoy riding it. Thanks also for your help with choosing the bike & the great service you provide.

I will happily recommend Espokes.

Jo Pankhurst


Have thoroughly enjoyed using my ebike since I bought it.  it’s versatility when going up the hills locally means that for the first time in years I don’t have to get off and push!!  Although a lot more money I have definitely got what I paid for.. 

Pat Read

Buckhorn Weston

Thank you so much for the great service and advice given when purchasing this bike – I absolutely love it and riding has become a pleasure now and I look forward to getting out and about every weekend.

Jean Fuller


I am very happy with my bike. I use it every day to go to and from work – the ride is very good and I am pleased with the power provided because a single charge is quick and lasts well. I purchased an additional bike light for the front as I felt that the one attached to the bike was not sufficiently bright.
I did have a problem with loose spokes on the rear wheel, which E-Bikes fixed very quickly – great service.


Bought my E Bike just as we came out of lock down  The staff were extremely knowledgeable, friendly and helpful at both the  time of purchase, when I was able to test ride a couple of bikes, and when I took the bike in for it’s first service. Would thoroughly recommend to anyone thinking of making a purchase. 

Debe Gillham


Excellent, well made bike. It is on the heavy side but that does not spoil the bike, it looks modern and sporty and works very well. I went for the 14Ah battery, which seems to last longer than advertised, with economical use, and does not take long to charge back up. Great hybrid for use on road and gravel/tracks. 5th power level on the steep hills around me is a game changer. Awesome!

Alan McComb

Barton Stacey

I originally purchased the ghost 2 as I have a heart condition which prevents me from overexerting myself. The ghost 2 has given me the confidence to go out cycling again with my wife in the comfort that sizeable hills have been reduced to riding on the flat on a standard bike. I chose the ghost 2 originally as it did not look like a standard e-bike, had smooth power delivery, great brakes and decent battery range. It has lived up to my expectations in the real world!

Mark Woodall


Went in to see the espokes team looking for a new helmet. Bought a Uvex helmet and have to say it’s fantastic very comfortable, lightweight and looks great too! I’ve used on 30+ mile rides on a warm day and thanks to the vents kept my head nice and cool throughout. Very happy customer
James O’Connor


Love this bike, gorgeous colour, fantastic ride, such amazing fun. Thank you Laura at espokes for your help and understanding



I have been very pleased with the e-bike and would buy another when the time comes. I use it when cycling on my own or my wife uses when we cycle together.
We only use the motor on hills and usually do 80 miles between charges.
Today we did an 18-mile ride up to Hannington 600 feet and it was excellent, it covers all our needs and can easily be peddled without the motor, it is only 5Kg heavier than my usual bike. It folds easily to go in the car.

What fantastic service you have all provided to us. From the first call to the unexpected personal delivery, this has been probably the easiest shopping transaction I have ever completed!
You all are an absolute delight to deal with – fantastic knowledgeable advice, efficient communication, easy to deal with and personal delivery. Two very happy recipients with their early birthday presents. Thank you all. This service is still afforded even in the current unprecedented situation we find ourselves in. Well done!
Thank you all
Neil Strong


I was very pleased with my first ‘annual’ service and how efficiently it was handled by eSpokes. Also appreciated chatting about various matters with knowledgeable people, as well as checking out the latest models! 

Andrew Trotter


The customer service we received was above and beyond my expectations. Extremely helpful, friendly and informative. I would recommend Espokes and would most definitely use this service again.

Thank you all for getting Alan’s bike road worthy and safe 🙂

Julie Hay


I found Espokes very friendly, their product knowledge is excellent, after test riding many of their bikes I found the perfect bike for me. After-sales is first class and nothing is to much trouble. I am a very happy customer. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ For this company

Ang Brown


I made several visits to Espokes and Laura was patient and very helpful despite my indecision as to which folding bike best fitted my needs and represented value for money. I chose the Raleigh Stow-E-Way as it rode very well and was extremely good value. I have now covered many enjoyable miles on my new bike, had a free 6-week service, and it is invaluable when away with my caravan.



A great bike backed up by very helpful staff. I’m a 75+ year old OAP and until I purchased the Striker just over a year ago, flat terrain (and no headwind) were the only conditions for me to consider cycling. Over the years, I’ve always enjoyed riding off road as well and this tough, lightweight frame, multi-use tyres and with the epower backup have enabled me to enjoy what I used to do. It’s a great bike for distance on road riding and real fun when you venture off road. Hills and muddy tracks are most enjoyable to ride – this is a fun, versatile and cost effective bike to ride!

Mike Smith


A real 5* bike and 5* service! It’s a great bike – easy to operate and ride and it has made riding so enjoyable. Thanks to Laura and co for fast, efficient delivery and clear instructions.



After thinking about buying an ebike for some time I visited and made a purchase on a Monday, I received my new Striker Wednesday, built, checked and charged ready to go. took my first ride from the shop to home (4 miles) an easy 17 minutes of riding pleasure. excellent customer service and very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Highly Recommend! Thank you Laura & the Team.



We have been very impressed with your service and help. I use my lovely RooDog Chic more often than the car now and it’s nice to know I’m doing my bit for the environment!

Kathryn Paul


A Fab bike stands out from the crowd great ride too and Laura and family are lovely and knowledgeable.

I can’t thank the team at espokes enough for their expert knowledge of e-bikes
Laura thank you for your time and helping me decide which bike was for me xx

Karen Wibrew


Delighted with the bike. Although somewhat more expensive than other bikes I had tried, the performance of this bike is so much better. The weight being a consideration, as it goes in a motorhome, the performance aspects certainly outweigh any concerns. It is a pleasure to ride and the range is very good.

Peter Lewis


The Healthy Back Bag Expedition is an excellent item, well made and practical. I carry a fair amount of stuff with me (first aid kit, insulin, needles, test meter and glucose test strips, hypo packs etc.) It’s a lot better than a man bag or small rucksack and should last year’s.

Excellent product and service, thank you.

Paul Rogers


After having a chat at the E-spokes stand at a Newbury show, and a short ride around the show-ground, I just had to have one.

Liking the look and specification of the Striker, I followed it up with a test ride, and purchase, at E-spokes. The staff were very helpful and bike has faultlessly lived up to all expectations.

I have Parkinson’s and the bike enables me to get some exercise while having the reassurance the battery will help me home if need be.

Martin Smith


I bought the Raleigh Motus Grand Tour a few months ago in anticipation of retiring and hoping to get out and about in the beautiful Hampshire countryside. But, as I live in a hilly part of the County, I wanted some assistance when needed. This bike has been a great buy. Well-made, well-equipped, comfortable, and easy to use. Best of all, it has tamed those daunting hills with very smooth gear changes and four levels of assistance. Not the cheapest electric bike on the market but, as with many things, I suspect you get what you pay for. At least I won’t have to spend a fortune on Lycra as I just grab my helmet and go.

Andrew Trotter


The Striker has been my constant companion this year. Together we have ventured forth most days. I live on the Isle of Wight. Lots of steep hills. The Striker has simply eaten them up. I reckon I can get, with pedalling myself, about 40 miles to the charge. My aim is to ride round the IOW next year.
I have arthritis and thought my cycling days were over. Not a bit. The Striker has enabled me to get some exercise and to get fitter while having fun.

And the Customer Service from Espokes has been fabulous. Nothing has been too much trouble – from the initial test ride, to the collection of the bikes (my husband got one too), the first service and regular contact. I have dealt with many companies selling electric bikes – Espokes are the best by far.

Claire Franklin

Isle Of Wight

Hadn’t ridden a bike in years, so was nervous when my husband said we should get electric bikes for use when away in our motorhome. Not only was the service received excellent, with lesson offers to help me regain my confidence before purchase!! The bike itself was compact, easy to fold and a great easy ride. Because of the bikes sturdiness, I felt completely safe and in control, the battery life is excellent and it came with a free service.

Barbara Winslade


I bought the Raleigh Motus Grand Tour a few months ago from Espokes. The bike is great and fun to cycle. Gear change and power assist change is very smooth. I am glad I bought a Bosch motor and the battery pack.

The LCD control unit is very easy to use – just click up/down to select the level of power assist from the motor.

Espokes is a family run bike store and they are very friendly, helpful and knowledgable on e-bikes, their speciality. I was able to try several other bikes before deciding on the Motus.

Felix Fernando


The bike is great. Since I brought it has got me to work most days. Cannot wait for a summer cycle.

Nigel Earl


Brilliant Bike. Bought on spur of the moment to use with our camper van. Took it to France for 3 weeks and used it on both flat and up hill. Battery lasted me for ages as I only used the electric on up hill climbs. Really sturdy bike and thoroughly enjoyable ride.

Sandra Justice


I love this bike, so easy to ride and I particularly like the ‘sit up and beg’ position. I find it so versatile – you can use less power and get a good work out if you so wish. I bought the 575w battery and so far 10-16 mile rides don’t even really register! It is early days but it has turned cycling into a much more pleasurable experience since we live in a very hilly area. My only slight criticism is I find the saddle a bit uncomfortable. Sitting more upright your weight is distributed on your backside so I felt I needed something softer. If you go on the Continent almost all the bikes use the Selle Royal Drifter (sprung). My son bought me one for my birthday which I will get eSpokes to put on at the service! Espokes have been very helpful and a pleasure to deal with.

Anne Targett


A really comfortable bicycle that is fun and easy to ride.
Everyone at Espokes has been really helpful and knowledgeable. Nothing has been too small for them to help with.
I have the 575Wh battery and have never been worried about the battery running out, even when I have used quite a lot of assist on the hills.

Judith Kissick


I had spent a long time researching electric bike’s, their battery range, comfort, ease of use and safety. I had some experience of these type of bikes having hired one on several occasions on holiday and really enjoyed them. I knew you get what you paid for, especially in this field and therefore decided not to be tempted by what looked like bargain bikes. I hadn’t been on a bike for 20 years and at my fair age needed something I felt safe using, hence why I went for a step-through and so pleased I did. It has a comfortable ride and very responsive in its take-up, the braking system is equally secure. having ridden cheaper e-bikes I can confirm that there is a marked difference with comfort, safety(braking)and ease of use. I am extremely delighted with the Wisper 705T and with the service and help, I received from espokes.

Gary Boxall


When I thought about buying an e-bike I visited a few stores but none of them offered the same level of experience and knowledge that espokes do. They offer a good range of bikes to try, there’s no pressure and when you do buy you get a free first service included.
As for my Eriskay, I love it and enjoy riding it to town or just cycling around the local lanes for a bit
of exercise. Highly recommended.
Chris Burr


Just the job. Battery lasts for ages and charges up quickly. Bike easy to handle and sturdy. Bikes come with us when touring with our caravan, and have been to Cornwall and Scotland and many places in between. As a retiree a brilliant way of keeping fit and getting out and seeing the countryside.

Derek Smith

Sturminster Newton

Enjoying using this bike very much

Micah Faure

Hadland Care Group

Sturdy and comfortable. My electric bike has made it a pleasure to ride and given me the confidence to get out there and go further afield. Love my bike.

Mary Smith

Sturminster Newton

I had been looking for an e-bike for my wife aged 73 but couldn’t find one with low enough step through till now. I took it out on a trail run in a group ride out mostly on eco setting 1 using the 2 and 3 for hills only. We covered 22miles and power still showed 3 dots so about half power used. We were riding above the 14.5 max some of the time so I was able to keep up un unassisted.Vunassisted.Very impressed only comment is power delivery at lower speeds could come in more smoothly with extra sensors on the crank.

Andy Wise

This bike was selected for its very low step through. It compared very well with the other bikes I tried at ESpokes but this has proved to be ideal for my needs. It goes with us in our motorhome and provides a great option for transport when on site.

June Lewis


Not having ridden a bike for a few years, I found this really user-friendly with a comfy seat and also good fun to use. I ordered a basket as an extra accessory for the front also which has been really useful

Tina Horder

Dorset, Hill View Awnings

Comfortable sturdy bike that is used for work commutes
Easy to use, electric lasts for a good few miles and re-charges in good time.

Charlotte Percival

Bournemouth, Hadland Care Group

Following delivery of our new bikes Sunday morning in the pouring rain, we managed to get a short 6-mile ride on Monday, and Derek rode for 15 miles today (I was at work!).

The bikes are amazing, easy and such fun.

Thanks for all your help and see you at service time.

Mary and Derek Smith

Sturminster Newton

I am very happy with my e bike! Just outside my accommodation is a semi-steep hill about 400 yards in length. I love cycling up that hill. I go up in fourth gear with no trouble, and it feels like gentle exercise. People looking at me must think I am super-fit to go up the hill so easily, especially as I am very much a heavyweight. I am feeling fitter than before I had the bike, and I intend, by God’s grace, to get fitter and fitter as the year ahead passes. The fresh air is exhilarating. I find walking a bit boring, especially when I am not walking for a specific purpose. However cycling, even just for its own sake, is great!!!

I really would recommend electric bikes to everyone.

And E Spokes are the ultimate in good and friendly family service and great value for money. They put other dealers I’ve dealt with to shame, they really do, especially regarding their excellent after-sales service. They are very much deserving of their good reputation.

Try an e bike yourself. You won’t be disappointed!

Michael Le Breton

Castle Cary

We have now had our bikes for a week and have been enjoying them in the sunshine. Just wanted to thank you all for your attention and assistance over the last few weeks. The whole selection, buying and preparation process has been outstanding. Your customer service is second to none. The bikes are excellent and we will enjoy using them for many years to come. Look forward to seeing you for our 6-week service, in due course. Many thanks. We were pleasantly surprised by the product developed and the dedicated customer care staff.

June & Peter Lewis


After thinking about buying an ebike for some time I visited and made a purchase on a Monday, I received my new Striker Wednesday, built, checked and charged ready to go. took my first ride from the shop to home (4 miles) an easy 17 minutes of riding pleasure. excellent customer service and very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Highly Recommend! Thank you, Laura, & the Team.

Ray Bunce


It’s a 15-minute car journey from home to work, by bike (currently) it’s a 30-minute journey! However despite the longer journey by bike I really have a sense of achievement and the journey has had a positive impact on my health and wellbeing.  There is no way that I would be able to cycle to and from work on the same day using a regular push bike! The bike isn’t always used for my work commute, I regularly borrow the electric bike at weekends to use with my family, as it allows me to travel further, keep up with my two boys aged 12 and 9 years and stay active as a family! Charlotte                                                                                                                                                  

I have enjoyed using the e-bikes very much. My commute to work now only takes me 6 minutes whereas if I were to drive it would be 20 mins or 15 minutes to walk. The exercise and fresh air are wonderful, but the extra few minutes I gain every day are just priceless.                            Micah                                                                                                                                                    

My time on the bike was amazing, not only did it get me home from work a lot quicker but it was a lot of fun too!! I will definitely be asking to borrow one again.                                                              Hannah  

Bournemouth, Hadland Care Group

We collected our new Roodog Striker ebikes from Espokes yesterday. The first test was to learn to use our Sat Nav for our journey to Basingstoke! We were met with the wonderful family team who had our new bikes ready and waiting for us – all charged up and ready to go. The Customer Care we have received from Espokes is the best we have ever experienced in regard to choosing and purchasing an e-bike. Good communication throughout the process, listening to what we needed and answering our queries promptly and efficiently. Then off to the New Forest where, having had some lunch, we tried an offroad trail for those new to offroading (family friendly). Bikes felt sturdy, responsive and easy to manoeuvre through the various gates etc. I could have just kept cycling along the trails. Have not had such fun for such a long time. We came home smiling – tired but very happy. I was out again this morning – down and round the harbour trying the off-road trail through the bird reserve. Brilliant.Thoroughly recommended.

Claire Franklin

Isle of Wight

Wisper Torque bikes are excellent. Beware though you will ride a lot further than you usually do and be out for twice the amount of time. Not a bad thing.

Adrian Lovell


Had the pleasure to meet these awesome people when my roodog became sick .repaired in a week now goes like new. highly recommended, nothing was to much trouble. Great shop with awesome folk.                                                                  

Many thanks

Kev Gowman


My wife has not ridden a bike for many years, but after purchasing one of your bikes, we went to France and really enjoyed it, so many thanks and an excellent easy to ride bicycle

George Washington


We considered buying e bikes for the past 18 months or so looking at many options. Earlier in the year we visited the Motorhome show and once again found ourselves looking at e bikes. We visited the e-spokes stand who made us very welcome, assessed our requirements and we soon found ourselves trying the bikes. We both really liked the Wisper and knew they were the bikes for us and placed an order there and then. What a truly fantastic company to deal with. The bikes were personally delivered to our home on an arranged day and time and after some tuition, we were away!! We both love riding our bikes and look forward to using them for many years to come.

Jan & Geoff Gibbons

Stanford in the Vale

We bought two bikes at the bath and west motor caravan show. They demonstrated the bikes and let us try them out. Nothing was too much trouble for them. We are pleased to say that the bikes are great fun and we are really enjoying them especially around our area in North Devon where we have got a lot of steep hills. We would recommend this company and our two bikes the wave and the Nevo to anyone.

Jennifer & Jim Ten-Bokkel


We bought 2 RooDog Bliss folding bikes from Espokes and take them camping on the back of our campervan. Our last trip was to Cheddar where we cycled the Strawberry Line cycle trail. At its highest point, it goes through an old railway tunnel which is BLACK. It was at this point that I realised that the front light wasn’t working! My wife took to the front and we sailed on without mishap. A phone call to Espokes upon our return and RooDog posted a replacement light out directly to us. The PO lost this one and a week later another was posted out that turned up the next day. I fitted it in 2 minutes and now we are sorted. We love our bikes and are most happy with the service we have received from Espokes and indeed from RooDog themselves. Until you need to test a warranty issue you never know how well the parties are going to perform. Well, no problem here…both passed with flying colours! Thankyou

Rob & Denise Lawton


What a great company to deal with! Initial demo and sale very, very good, after sales excellent. Love my new Wisper!

Trevor Stubbs


The Bike is excellent and the service from the company extremely helpful.

Mary Gray


I am thrilled with my Roo Dog Polka dot ebike and am having great fun with it.  It makes cycling so much more pleasurable when not having to worry about climbing hills.  My husband and I had a lovely ride down in the New Forest last weekend.  We hope to have many more such outings in the future.                                                             Thank you for your excellent service and especially for letting me try several bikes before making the right choice for me.

June Verity


I now have a bike I can ride in great comfort.        

Espokes took A lot of time to make sure the bike fitted me. Not just size ( I am short leg for my height ) but comfort and style.No such thing as sales pressure Just fun people making sure I have the right bike ( tested different sizes shapes and combinations of saddle/power) so now I can go and have fun.                                             

Many thanks to one and all at Espokes a good group of people to know. Thank You .                  

David Holden


We recently purchased 2 RooDog electric bikes from Espokes – the Striker model and the Chic model – at the Newbury Motorhome and Caravan show. We had been contemplating buying ebikes for a few months and the decision to finally do so was based on various reasons:                              

1 – they are “funky” pretty bikes, not boring and dull to look at!                                                         

2 – we had a trip to France booked where we could hire electric bikes for 90 euros per person per week (WOW!) and still be empty handed                                                                    

3 – the reasonable cost, lovely service from Laura and the team, the free delivery of the bikes, the inclusion of a free 1st service and the ease of the transaction.                                                      

Since we got them, we have been out and about so much more than normal, enjoying our local countryside, enjoying different pubs and areas, and just having a different perspective from being in the car!                                                       

Thank you for opening our horizons!!! By the way, the bikes were brilliant in France, they have fantastic tarmacked cycle paths for hundreds of miles and cyclists of every type are so much better catered for! It was great!

Fay and Andy


We …especially myself are loving the bike, so much more fun than a scooter, I was even allowed to take it in a store. I do use a doggy hitch on it……like a child carrier as the dogs can’t go that far….it reduces the distance but it good for when I think the pups have done enough. 

Karen Heagren


My new Axcess Hunter bike has changed my life!  I like to do a lot of cycling.  I am surrounded by hills which makes it somewhat hard work.  But the Axcess Hunter makes the hills so easy to get up.  I can go anywhere, either using the assistance to its full power or not, thereby keeping fit at the same time.  The system is so easy to use.  I feel completely safe and in control.  The bike enables me to sit up and look around rather than looking down at the tarmac struggling up the numerous hills.  Wonderful.  Liberating.

Jill Springett

Charlton Horethorne

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